VFP Developer


I’m Barbara Peisch, a well-known member of the Visual FoxPro community, and a Visual FoxPro Developer.  I’ve been programming with Fox starting with FoxBase in 1988. I’ve been on many of the beta teams over the years for several versions of FoxPro.



I’ve been a presenter at many conferences on topics ranging from beginner to advanced, including topics like programmatically setting printer attributes and WMI (Windows Mangement Instrumetation) to control a computer in ways not otherwise available in FoxPro.



I’m one of the top few FoxPro programmers in the world on dealing with the intricacies of the Report Writer, and I’ve made extensive use of XFRX, a third-party tool, to expand FoxPro’s reporting capabilities.


Tool creator

I’ve created many tools, most of which I provide as a free download on this site. These tools include simple objects, like a search textbox for use with grids, to a complex class for controlling printers. My downloads page also includes papers for my presentations.


For my full list of qualifications, visit the main page here and my resume here.


Visual FoxPro Developer