All downloads run in Visual Foxpro Version 6 or higher unless otherwise stated (2.7meg) is a combination of all the files available on this page in a single zip file.

Base2Base (4K) is a form that will convert any decimal number to the base of your choosing or any number from a base of your choosing to decimal. (13K) is a utility that may be used as a substitute for Steven Black’s MsgSvc.  You may use both MsgSvc and BPMsgSvc in the same app.  Full instructions are included in the ReadMe.Txt file. (1K) is a function that strips leading and trailing spaces and carriage returns from the contents of a memo field.  Send it your memo contents as a parameter.  It will return the cleaned-up version. (161K) contains the slides and white paper from my presentation “Client Relationships 101” (5K) is a composite class that combines a textbox with a button for selecting a file or directory.  It will call either GetFile() or GetDir(), based on a property setting, when the button is clicked and will store the user’s selection in the textbox. (2K) is a function for opening files exclusively.  You must send the table name as the first parameter.  The second parameter is for an optional alias.  The function returns .T. if successful and .F. if not. (2K) is an editbox class for displaying progress messages that scroll in an editbox. The editbox is readonly and has no scrollbar. See the zReadMe method for instructions. (13K) is a general error logging routine that serves as a top-level error logger. It stores information about the error in a DBF file for later debugging. A reporting tool is included. (182K) is the paper and code samples from my presentation called “But What Does That MEAN?” from the 2002 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.  This file contains a Word 2000 DOC file, and another zip file, which contains the code.  When you unzip the code, be sure to unzip the two files in the SAVE subdirectory to a SAVE subdirectory under the rest of the code. (1.01meg) is the papers, code samples and slides from my presentation called “An Internet State of Mind” from the 2003 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop.  This file contains two Word XP DOC files, two Power Point files, and another zip file, which contains the code.  When you unzip the code, be sure to unzip the files using the path names. (2K) is a function for returning translated strings from the Strings.dbf and MsgSvc.dbf files that come with Steven Black’s INTL ToolKit. Instructions are at the beginning of the PRG file. (3K) is a textbox class for doing an incremental search on a grid. There must be one and only one grid at the same level of the containership hierarchy as the Search Textbox, and the grid’s RecordSource must be indexed. See the zReadMe method for instructions. (5K) is a grid class which can be sorted on various columns by populating an array in the init method. See the zReadMe method for instructions. (1K) is a function for doing an INSERT INTO command, trapping for errors, and retrying if not successful. The function works in a similar manner to RLOCK with SET REPROCESS TO AUTOMATIC. (3K) is an example of building views in code. It simplifies the code generated by GenDBC by calling a common function to set all properites for the view as a whole and the fields in the view. (11K) requires VFP 9. This is an example of setting and storing printer configurations for various reports. Includes an example of retrieving the settings for a specific report and printing that report. (1.8meg) contains my session materials on my “Best Practices for Reporting and Output” session from GLGDW 2006. (648K) is the material from my presentation called “Understanding Scope in VFP.” (43K) is a class for programmatically setting printer properties from Visual FoxPro 9 or higher. Includes a form that demonstrates how to use the class. (5K) is a PRG based class for doing generic queries and add requests from VFP to QuickBooks 2002.  This class assumes you have QuickBooks 2002 and the Microsoft Parser version 4 (MSXML4) installed.  Instructions are at the top of the PRG. (6K) is a function, plus supporting files for creating and updating data structures and index tags in a distributed app. FOR FREE TABLES ONLY! See instructions at the top of TABLMAST.PRG.

txtQuickFill (2K) is a textbox class which can be used as a QuickFill textbox. (i.e. It will fill in the closest match to what you type, as you’re typing.) Instructions are in the zReadme method. (201K) is a Word 97 document for my presentation on views. The zip file also includes the MakeView.prg utility and supporting files for examples discussed in the document. (464K) is the materials from my Southwest Fox presentation on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). (1.03meg) contains the slides and white paper for my presentation on “Setting Up a Windows Web Server”. (4K) is a PRG based class for reading  tables from Word files and writing tables from VFP to Word.  Uses VFP and OLE Automation to read tables, and loads them into an array property of the class for use in your application.  Instructions are at the top of the PRG. (1.9meg) contains my session materials on my “Integrating XFRX into for VFP Applications” and “Using the XFRX Preview Container” presentations from Southwest Fox 2005.  This file also contains the files in the file, listed above. Some of the examples require VFP version 9.