Barbara Peisch, Owner

I’m Barbara Peisch, an independent developer of database software for business. I’m one of the world’s leading Visual FoxPro developers and I can help you with all your FoxPro application functions. Highlights of my skills are listed below and on my resume.

I’m experienced in developing full OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) solutions in all versions of Visual FoxPro (VFP). I have developed an extensive set of tools and whitepapers, which I’ve made available to the VFP community and are available for download. Examples of what is in this toolset are:

  • An automation class reading and writing Word tables
  • A class that uses C structures to read and set options on most printers
  • A wrapper class that centralizes output, enabling programs using it to easily change their output method from reports to Excel spreadsheets or any other option
  • Extensive use of Windows APIs and ActiveX controls
  • A whitepaper on creating interactive web sites, including security precautions
  • A whitepaper on how to setup a web server
  • Classes that create XML to communicate with QuickBooks 2002, which utilize MSXML 4.0

Some of my capabilities and accomplishments include:

  • Advanced knowledge of data structures and data mining
  • Experience with MS SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Extensive use of COM to control Excel and Word
  • A translator that will convert views within a VFP DBC (database container) to SQL Server
  • A translator that will convert SQL queries to SQL Server, including creation of T-SQL procedures when necessary
  • Exceptionally strong at communicating with end-users
  • Expert in use of XFRX, a third-party tool for report generation
  • Enabling a VFP program to run unattended as a Windows Service
  • Data conversion between systems
  • Team player – worked with other programmers and IT staff at Healthcare Credentials Management Services and Bergelectric.

My expertise covers many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Real estate escrow tracking
  • Construction
  • Medical credentialing
  • Health assessment
  • Inventory tracking
  • Telecommunications billing and fraud detection